8 Stress-Relieving Locations for a Boston Prenatal Massage

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You don’t need me to tell you how hard pregnancy is on your body. Over the course of nine months, you’re rapidly growing and transforming. It’s not exactly a comfortable experience! While many view regular prenatal massages as an unnecessary expense, I promise you these appointments are worth the time and money! Not only do they let you have a designated moment to relax, but they also increase your body’s function so you can get sweet, sweet relief from some of the most uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. If you’ve been looking for a place in Boston for a prenatal massage, I would love to tell you about a few places I think you’ll absolutely adore! 

Eight Spas To Feel Like Yourself Again With Their Boston Prenatal Massage

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Mahina Mind Body

Mahina Mind Body is a Somerville studio that was founded by Asi Texeira in 2010, and I can tell you firsthand this space is absolutely transformative! These massages are built to ease your body’s tension as well as connect you with your baby. Once you’ve reached your due date, Asi offers an induction massage to encourage your baby to come out and meet the world. While she can’t guarantee success with this massage, she does promise that it will ease the stress and tension you’re carrying at this time, which can go a long way when it comes to getting labor started.

Full disclosure: when I was pregnant, I went to Mahina Mind Body on the recommendations of my midwives. The massage was not only amazing but also effective. I went into labor that very night! Even if Asi can’t give you her promise, I’ll continue to recommend her to every pregnant Boston momma I know for a prenatal massage!

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Bella Santé Spa

At Bella Santé Spa, they’re firm believers in you taking some time for yourself. The spa has locations in Boston, Lexington, and Wellesley. Regardless of where you end up, you can feel confident knowing your comfort is their top priority! These Boston massage therapists provide a long list of options, including prenatal massages. During these 80-minute appointments, your therapist will use gentle techniques that increase circulation, lessen water retention, and treat back pain. Outside of the spa’s massage packages, they offer facial care, med spa treatments, and salon services. You deserve a day of pampering, and Bella Santé will make it happen!

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Featherstones is a Duxbury spa that knows how to treat its pregnant clients! This is because the owner, Leigh Barton Smith, works as a birth doula as well as a massage therapist. From the second you walk through the door, you’ll be greeted by calming colors and soft music. The space has been designed as a haven of relaxation, and no element is ignored. Leigh has been practicing for over 20 years and provides prenatal massages meant to increase your body’s functionality for an easier pregnancy. For 60-75 minutes, you’ll feel the tension in your back unravel. The beds for these massages have holes for your belly so you can safely lay face-down. Leigh also offers natural induction massages as well as natural breech baby turning massages. 

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Balans Organic Spa

Balans is a Boston organic spa and wellness center started by Marie Aspling. Marie is passionate about helping her clients find a lifestyle that not only benefits them but also helps the planet. She uses massage oils that are cold-pressed and organic. Her prenatal massages are customized to fit the particular needs of each individual client. You’ll be able to book a massage that lasts between 60-90 minutes. During this time, Marie will target overworked muscles while ensuring you feel completely at peace. As a safety measure, the spa does ask that you get clearance from your physician before your appointment.  

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Be Well Boston

Be Well Boston is a studio started by husband-and-wife duo Jim Memory and Katrina Baker. Before you begin your services, you’ll fill out a form explaining your reason for scheduling a session. Throughout the massage, your therapist will check on you to ensure the pressure level works for you. Following the session, they’ll give you recommendations and ask if you have any concerns. This is all so you can have an experience that is custom-tailored to you! Katrina handles all the prenatal massages. She uses cushioning so you can lay safely on the table. For 60 minutes, your body will be treated to motions that will reduce strain and increase flexibility. By the end, you’ll feel positively restored! 

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Massage Therapy of Boston

Massage Therapy of Boston is a studio that specializes in prenatal massage as well as chiropractic and nutrition services. Each of the therapists has been trained to understand exactly how the body works. They use this knowledge to ease any negative side effects that tend to accompany pregnancy. During their prenatal massages, you’ll lay on your side and be surrounded by supportive pillows and cushions. They will stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate any waste in your body. While they’ll work on clients throughout any point of pregnancy, they encourage you to come in during the second and third trimesters to get the most benefits from their fabulous services! 

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Healing Hands Bodywork

Healing Hands Bodywork is a studio that was started by Edward Miano, a therapist trained in Hawaiian and European massage. The studio has been awarded the title of “Best Massage in Boston” two years in a row. Edward has been certified through the Elaine Stillerman Mothermassage program and uses her techniques to provide pregnant clients with healing massages. He uses supportive cushions to put you in a side-lying position and focuses on your neck, shoulders, lower back, abdomen, and feet. He offers postpartum massages and can work with you if you need to schedule a home visit. His goal is to provide you with non-judgmental sessions that will leave you feeling like a whole new person! 

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Boston HypnoBirth and Perinatal Wellness

Bonnie Rovics is the owner and therapist for Boston HypnoBirth and Perinatal Wellness Center, practicing prenatal massage techniques for almost 20 years. All new clients will start with a prenatal massage with about 20-30 minutes in intake to discuss your areas of pain and to get to know you better. Once you have completed your first appointment, you can choose your follow-up prenatal massages for 60 or 90 minutes and book directly online. Bonnie also has hypnobirthing and birth doula services available. 

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Boston Prenatal Massage

Because pregnancy is a process that’s constantly reworking your body, a little bit of maintenance goes a long way. By booking a regular Boston prenatal massage at these wonderful studios, you’ll get assistance that will help you with nearly every aspect of pregnancy. 

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