Get Support After Giving Birth With a Boston Postpartum Doula!

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What is the role of Postpartum Doula? They provide educational information and support to the mother and family with a variety of unique needs of bringing home a new baby. Support may include infant feeding, mother-baby bonding, newborn care, and many other needs a new mother and baby may require. They also nurture the family as they transition to life with a newborn. Luckily, there are a variety of Boston postpartum doula services you may be interested in. 

Transition Into Mom Life With These Five Boston Postpartum Doula Services

Down to Earth Birth

Owner and provider Molly Giesler-Juárez focuses on holistic care and nutrition education as a Boston postpartum doula. Her in-home doula services often range from 4-6 hour blocks a day for 1-5 days during the first few weeks home with your newborn. Inquire about more specific needs your family may need for doula support. She also offers postpartum cooking services and holistic nutrition cooking classes. 

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Creative Birth Doulas

Two trained Boston doulas provide your doula childbirth needs from prenatal to postpartum. Start with a free initial interview with your requested doula, two prenatal visits, one call service within two weeks of your due date, and one postpartum visit. They also offer childbirth classes. 

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I got to observe Emma at work during a birth I photographed, and I was so impressed with her calm, supportive energy! Emma provides postpartum doula services during daytime, weeknight, and weekend to meet your Boston family’s needs up to 12 weeks after birth. Her shifts are often in 3-4 hour blocks for a few days a week. Reach out to her for other options that will meet your family’s needs. She provides herbal, physical, and emotional support to families during the transition time of bringing home a newborn to supporting transitions such as a partner returning to work. 

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Birthing Matters Boston Postpartum Doula Services

Lindsay has a deep respect for evidence-based information. She prides herself on maintaining up-to-date on the most current maternal care information. Her prenatal and postpartum doula services are customized to meet your Boston family’s unique needs and wishes. On her website, you can book a free consultation to learn more about how she can support you through this exciting experience. A few weeks after birth, she will visit you at home or virtually to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. 

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Your Baby Mavens

Their team of Boston doulas is there to support you both prenatal and postpartum. Providing your family with individualized and flexible care. With daytime or overnight services, they are there to guide you through bringing home your child. They have a variety of packages for care to choose from, and if you still aren’t sure, reach out to them to discuss your goals. 

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Boston Postpartum Doula

The first year of your baby’s life will somehow exist outside of time, both impossibly long and very suddenly over. But with the help of a Boston postpartum doula, much more of that hazy, foggy time can be relaxed into and even relished.

You also have time to capture as many memories and moments through pictures! I am here to support your family through maternity, newborn, milestone, and family photography. Browse my work through my online galleries and reach out when you are ready to get started.

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