6 Boston Doulas to Guide You Through Your Birthing Journey

Despite its unpredictability, you can create a plan for how you’d like your ideal birth experience to go. And yet, childbirth is one of those things in life that you can plan and plan for, and then one thing changes and your plans go out the window. Having a doula can help make any birth easier because you’ll have a cheerleader who can help you make important decisions, maintain a peaceful environment, collaborate with your care team, and provide endless emotional, physical, and mental support during a challenging time. With a doula, your birth experience can be one of your life’s most positive and elating experiences, despite any fear or uncertainty. 

These Boston doulas are all experienced, reputable, and ready to help you welcome your beautiful baby into the world! Read on to learn more about these amazing women and how they can empower you as you embark on one of life’s most exciting journeys.

6 Boston Doulas for Educational & Empowering Experiences through Birth & Parenthood


Lavandoula is the pride and joy of owner Emma O’Brien, a full-spectrum doula, and herbalist in Boston. She has helped over 350 birthing families welcome their new babies in whatever size, shape, and dynamic a family can include. Whether you are giving birth in a hospital or have opted for a home birth, Emma is prepared to help you relax and stay present throughout your birth experience, advocating for you and your birth plan. 

When you book Emma to help with your labor and delivery, you’ll have several meetings — the first to determine that you fit one another and a few prenatal visits to prepare for your birth. 

You’ll have her continuous support throughout your labor, delivery, and the first few hours of your baby’s life, including massage, relaxation and positioning techniques, affirmation and emotional support, and helping to communicate with hospital staff. With Lavandoula, you and your family are in capable and healing hands. 

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Illuminated Birth

Megan Peasley, owner of Illuminated Birth, created the company because birth stories matter, and we do better and are stronger when we have knowledge and support. Megan is a certified doula, birth photographer, and childbirth educator passionate about preparing and empowering her clients for birth and beyond. 

With a scientific background, she firmly believes in evidence-based research and education, and she’ll help you understand your options so you can confidently make informed decisions. Additionally, Megan has a special interest and investment in helping women and birthing people with high-risk pregnancy conditions and disabilities. Having a high-risk pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to give up your power in your birth experience!

 She believes that empowered birth is a form of social justice, and in her own words, “As the person giving birth, you’re bringing the power. I’m just here to shed a little light and help you ignite your own internal glow.” 

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Doulas of Boston

Centered in the heart of one of the most prestigious hospitals and birthing centers, Doulas of Boston offers certified birthing assistance with all of the support you need for a safe and satisfying birth experience. Their doulas will provide emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and in the postpartum period following your baby’s arrival. 

While working with Doulas of Boston, you’ll learn effective calming techniques that can be utilized as needed, and you’ll benefit from plenty of advice that their doulas have found helpful for a peaceful delivery. As one of their clients, they’ll meet you wherever you are and with whatever you envision for your unique birth. Your doula will help you prepare for as peaceful and relaxing a birth experience as you can possibly have.

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Tranquility by HeHe

Tranquility by HeHe offers high-quality, holistic, and individualized doula services in-person, virtually, and by traveling, so you can take advantage of their extensive services wherever you are! They consider themselves a Maternity Concierge, Doula, and Birthing Service, empowering families and going above and beyond traditional Doula care by helping to manage things like creating baby registries, planning a shower, and researching top-quality baby essentials. 

When it comes to birthing experiences, they help expecting moms focus on self-care, preparing their bodies for birth, and staying informed of their rights as a birthing person. Your doula will also protect the energy in your room to ensure that it stays tranquil, relaxing, and encouraging of your progress. They can also help your partner learn tricks and techniques to help you stay comfortable throughout your labor and delivery. You are entirely in control throughout your birth, and it’s their job to help you see and enjoy it!

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Boston Birth Associates

Boston Birth Associates is proud to be repeatedly referred to as “the calming force for New England families.” They love to help families who are deliberate and intentional about their pregnancy and childbirth journey and those who may find the experience stressful and anxiety-inducing. After all, childbirth is one of the most unpredictable processes on earth, but a skilled doula can help you plan so you can take comfort in predictability. 

Boston Birth Associates wants every family they work with to look back on their childbirth experience with pride and accomplishment, and they help contribute to the positivity of your birth by bringing a calming and peaceful force to your journey. Their doulas will help you and your partner experience each moment in the present by using strategies like gentle touch and affirming that what you are experiencing is totally normal and expected! 

Your Boston Birth Associates doula will be by your side the entire time. When your baby finally rests in your arms, you’ll be thrilled to say that you found joy, encouragement, and empowerment in your labor and delivery. 

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Birthing Gently

Birthing Gently was Boston’s first doula agency, established over 20 years ago in 2002. Since then, they’ve been providing professional and personalized care throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and immediate postpartum for families all across the area. Their goal is to ensure you have a satisfying birth experience, regardless of whether you are planning a home birth, hospital birth, water birth, or scheduled cesarean section. 

In 2021, BGMH was invited to join Mass General Brigham in the “United Against Racism Project” to recognize their commitment to supporting families of all cultures, orientations, races, and stories. They also specialize in doula services for high-risk patients and Family-Centered Cesarean Birth in conjunction with some of the country’s top hospitals. Whatever your birth story, Birthing Gently will help it become one of positivity, grace, and peace.

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Boston Doulas

Any of these fantastic Boston doulas can help you feel educated, empowered, and confident when it comes to your birth experience. Picking the right doula for you and your partner is an important decision, so check out their websites and see if any profiles catch your eye. It’s one of the best decisions you can make as you approach this incredible and transformative phase of your life! 

Finding a doula you trust is a huge step in the motherhood journey! Now it’s time to find a photographer to capture all your special moments along the way. I have been a Boston photographer for many years and love helping families document all stages, from maternity, to newborn, to milestone and beyond. So check out more of my work in the blog links below. Then let’s chat about your next photo session!

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