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I had to do a little shout-out to the team who helped us birth our son; it was such a positive experience and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Initially planning on a hospital birth with my OBGYN, halfway through the pregnancy (okay, it was during a hospital tour in which I had a panic attack envisioning all the bustle around me at birth) we switched course and decided to do a home birth with midwives instead.

I loved that all of our checkups happened in our home; that it was always the same team, really getting to know us and our journey; and that they were such warm, knowledgeable people. I had lots of questions and concerns and they were there to answer all of them in great detail and with enthusiasm. They really felt like walking birth-encyclopedias. When it came time for me to go into labor, I didn’t have any questions left; I was relaxed and ready, and I’d never thought I’d feel that way going into a birth.

Of course, there are many options to find guidance and support for your birthing journey! A midwife will fully support you and your decisions throughout the process to ensure your birthing plan. Modern Mama aims to do just this, providing a Cambridge midwife service that enables and empowers you to have the birth you want.

About the Cambridge Midwife Birthmatters

Emily Bowler and Kara Schamell founded Modern Mama in 2016 because of their passion for supporting women through informed, transparent care during the year of childbirth. In 2018 (just after we birthed our son!), Kara moved to the West coast, and Emily teamed up with Sarafina and Jessica to form Birthmatters. This woman-owned and operated business has a team of all women midwives, doulas, and doula partners/backups. 

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The practice offers full-scope midwifery service through three full-time midwives on staff. Midwife care includes prenatal care, continuous support through labor and birth, and postpartum care, all from the comfort of your home. Each birth is unique. So, your labor plans and goals are discussed during your appointments, as their goal is to support a healthy and safe birth experience. 

One important note is that you can expect to pay for midwife services out of pocket as insurance may not cover many of their services; you can contact your company for specific information. If you are interested in an at-home water birth, inquire with this Cambridge midwife for rental prices for birth tubs. Birth tubs can be a way to relax during labor and help you to relax. Two primary labor doulas are available, and three backup doulas ensure you receive the support you need. 

Birth doula services include two prenatal appointments, attendance for your birth at home or the hospital, and one to two postpartum appointments as needed. Their doulas support you by working with you to develop your unique labor plan and advocate for you during childbirth. Virtual and consultation services are available for those who would like a doula to support them from a distance in discussing labor plans, how to self-advocate during childbirth, and providing postpartum support through discussion. 

Mentorship services for aspiring doulas are also available for those training to be in the profession or seeking additional guidance after receiving their formal education. Well-person care appointments are also available and conducted in the comfort of your home for annual physicals, gynecological exams, pap smears and bimanual exams, STI testing, and referrals if needed. These exams are an out-of-pocket expense, and insurance may not cover some lab work; inquire with your insurance policyholder for information. 

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Childbirth education classes are also available through this Cambridge midwife agency. Read over a brief description on their website, along with pricing and instructor information. You can complete registration for classes done online or via email or phone. Are you looking to connect with other moms? Due date clubs and meet-up groups are often available; for specific questions, email the team for more information. 

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With so many options for prenatal, labor, childbirth, and postpartum care, I recommend contacting a Cambridge midwife that you feel comfortable with and is open to discussing your childbirth goals, whether at home, at water birth, or in a traditional hospital setting. 

Now is the time to connect with me to chat about your maternity, newborn, milestone, and family photography sessions. I am here to support you through those special times. Above all, I love helping families capture these incredible moments to cherish forever. So reach out today to chat!

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