Explore the City With These Things to Do in Boston with Kids!

Boston has it all – history, innovation, breathtaking views, incredible architecture, and so much more. It’s a fantastic place to explore with kids; there’s always something new to explore with the whole family! I’ve compiled this list of my favorite things to do in Boston with kids so you can check them out yourself. Please read it and let me know what you think!

5 Things to Do in Boston with Kids – Bring the Family Together & Make Fun, New Memories

Museum of Science, Boston

The Museum of Science allows every visitor to learn something new and make an exciting discovery! It ranks among the world’s largest science centers and New England’s most-attended cultural institution, reaching over 5 million people per year! Plus, its convenient location between Boston and Cambridge means it’s central to some of the world’s most influential academic institutions and industries. 

When you visit with your kids, you can become an Arctic explorer using advanced technology to immerse yourself in a brand-new environment! Dinosaur lovers can marvel at a 65-million-year-old triceratops skeleton and other impressive Mesozoic fossils. 

Take a sneak peek at the over 120 Museum of Science animal ambassadors in their habitats, and explore advances in Artificial Intelligence and how this incredible science impacts society! There are so many interactive exhibits and touchpoints to explore the world alongside your little one that there’s no doubt you’ll walk away from your visit with some new knowledge and wonderful memories.

Boston Duck Tours

Whether you’re a Boston-area local or just visiting, a Boston Duck Tour is a totally unique way to learn about this incredible historic city in a way that entertains the whole family! If you’re unfamiliar with the premise, Duck Tours uses WWII-style amphibious landing vehicles that can travel both on land and in water, so you’ll get to see Boston from two unique perspectives! That means you won’t miss out on any of Boston’s spectacular views, important landmarks, or historical monuments. 

Led by a knowledgeable and entertaining ConDUCKtor, you’ll cruise past unique neighborhoods and must-see sights while learning plenty of interesting facts about historic Boston. It’s an excellent experience for kids and discerning history buffs. They’ve been voted the best tour in Boston Magazine and “Best City Tour” on Boston.com. 

On your tour, you’ll get to see a variety of iconic Boston spots, like the golden-domed State House to the Boston Common, fashionable Newbury Street, Quincy Market, the Prudential Tower, and so much more. Then, when you think you’ve seen it all on land, you’ll splash your way into the Charles River for an impressive view of the Boston and Cambridge skylines. This is one of the most fun things to do in Boston with kids, and it’s a fun way for everyone in the family to truly experience Boston!

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Esplanade Association

For the past 22 years, the Esplanade Association has been working to revitalize and enhance the Charles River Esplanade, revitalizing the natural green space and providing educational, cultural, and recreational programs for everyone to enjoy! Millions of people visit this iconic Boston riverside park every year, and its 64 acres of preserved beauty, including trails and riverfront access, is a favorite natural respite for city locals. 

In addition to being a beautiful park, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it with your entire family! The Esplanade has three playground spaces, including the Esplanade Playspace, which has climbing structures, zip lining, swings, and more. Their Children in the Park (ChiP) program is designed to provide kids with an engaging day outdoors and access to one of the area’s most beautiful resources. 

Some of the ChiP activities include free play and organized activities at Teddy Ebersol’s Red Sox fields, scavenger hunts, nature play and hands-on learning opportunities, and picnic lunches on the banks of the Charles River. It’s a great way to take advantage of this beautiful Boston park!

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New England Aquarium

A visit to the New England Aquarium isn’t just about seeing animals (although there are thousands of them to observe!) – it’s also about learning how to protect our environment so that our aquatic friends have a safe place to thrive out in the wild, too! The aquarium is a nonprofit research and conservation organization caring for our oceans and the animals that call it home for over 50 years. Their goal is to inspire and educate every visitor so that they leave with a deeper connection to the ocean and are compelled to take action to protect it.

There are so many unique exhibits to explore at the New England Aquarium, including six Amazon Rainforest exhibits that allow you to explore dense forests and winding tributaries while observing piranhas, anacondas, electric eels, and poison dart frogs. The four-story Giant Ocean Tank features an enormous coral reef and hundreds of animals that call it home, like eels, sea turtles, cow nose rays, and hundreds of colorful reef fish (it’s so big that the tank was built first and then the rest of the aquarium was built around it)! 

There are also opportunities to learn about sharks, watch sea lions splashing and playing, penguins waddling through their exhibit, and so much more! Looking for a way to make your visit extra special? Consider adding on an Animal Encounter like a Meet and Greet with Atlantic Harbor Seals, or better yet, take an art class with these amazing animals and take home a one-of-a-kind painting made by a seal during your visit!

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Fenway Park

Is there anything more quintessentially Boston than Fenway Park?! Referred to as “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark,” Fenway is home to Boston’s beloved Red Sox Major League Baseball team. A proud beacon of persistence, loyalty, and camaraderie, Fenway Park has been a Boston icon since 1912. It has been a place for baseball enthusiasts to gather for generations. 

Today, Fenway Park, aka “The Green Monster,” offers stadium tours (every day except game days) so you can get an up close and personal look at one of the country’s most legendary stadiums. It’s a guided tour where you’ll learn about the ballpark’s history, the famous team that calls it home, and plenty of the legends and stories that make it what it is today. 

If you have a particularly passionate baseball enthusiast in the family, check out their Tour Birthday Packages, where attendees will get to try on players’ uniforms, both past and present, take batting practice in an official MBL cage, and take home an official Red Sox souvenir!

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Things to Do in Boston with Kids

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, I hope you’re feeling inspired to check out these awesome things to do in Boston with kids! It truly is a fantastic city, and I know you’ll love these hands-on ways to experience a taste of what Boston has to offer. 

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