7 Boston Baby Stores with Unique Products & Reputable Brands

It’s undeniable that things are so much cuter when they’re small. That’s why shopping for babies is pretty much the best. Everything is tiny, sweet, whimsical, playful, and a true joy to shop for. Here in Boston, we have a variety of awesome baby boutiques that sell high-quality and sustainably made products for babies and kids that you and your little ones will love. Here are a few of my favorite Boston baby stores to check out on your next shopping trip!

7 Boston Baby Stores with Stylish, Quality Products Made to Last 

Diaper Lab

Diaper Lab is an amazing cloth diapering store and general parenting resource that had a brick and mortar location in Davis Square for ten years; as of 2023 they closed that location and now do online sales and pop-up store events and workshops at Bow Market. We went into cloth diapering ourselves convinced of the financial/environmental benefits and also convinced that it would gross us out/be too much work to be sustainable. We took their Intro to Cloth Diapering workshop and it was so helpful we were successful right out of the gate!

They continue to be an invaluable resource for both amazing products and information, and I can’t sing their praises enough. Diaper Lab sells an incredible selection of adorable and easy-to-use diapers (babysitters, day cares, and grandparents won’t be confused), offer a twice-weekly diaper laundering service, buy/sell your used cloth diapers once baby outgrows them, lead postpartum support groups, and offer workshops on diapering, baby-wearing, and breastfeeding.

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Magpie Kids

Magpie Kids is an adorable baby and kids boutique store located in Porter Square right across the street from the shopping center. They sell clothing and toys from independent artists as well as larger trusted brands like Tea Collection, Milkbarn, Angel Dear, Plan Toys, Little Unicorn, and Wee Gallery, and they have a beautifully-curated book and art supply selection for older siblings or as baby grows as well. Much of their toy inventory is plastic-free and sustainably made in wood, natural rubber, or cotton, using nontoxic dyes or paints.

It’s the perfect stop for a registry gift, cute nursery accessory, or special-occasion outfit, and their staff is always happy to help.

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Tadpole is a beautiful baby boutique that is by your side through every moment, big and small, with your new baby. Whether you’re a brand new parent or consider yourself experienced, Tadpole carries products from various brands committed to child safety. 

If putting together a registry feels overwhelming, their expert team can assist! They help curate it with high-quality, environmentally safe, and user-friendly products made by brands you may not have even known existed. They’ll help you gather everything you need to ensure your baby is safe and your life is made a little easier because of the products you need. 

Owners Ana and Nenad are also parents, as are several of their staff, so they know what it’s like firsthand to be overwhelmed by product reviews and safety warnings. Not only will they help direct you to the best product for you and your baby, but they will always be available for a free one-on-one consultation or a car seat install appointment, so you can take comfort in knowing that you are learning from experts. 

Tadpole has made the experience of shopping for your baby easy, joyful, and carefree so that you can find the fun in shopping during this exciting time in your life.

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CouCou Boston

CouCou (pronounced “koo-koo,” like a clock) is an award-winning children’s clothing and lifestyle shop in the South End of Boston. The name is actually the French word for “Peek-a-Boo,” often used as a term of endearment to sweetly greet someone you love. As a boutique, they aim to “keep childhood wonder and imagination alive, in children and adults.” 

Their boutique is a collection of thoughtfully curated products representing everything from fashion to wooden toys, crafts, and more. They carry the most sought-after, small-label, and sustainable brands from around the globe because they believe in investing in high-quality products that will last, ultimately creating less waste for our planet. 

Their chic little shop gives sophisticated and inviting vibes for a shopping experience that both kids and grown-ups will love. Cozy, playful, and fashionable, they are the perfect spot to find a special something for your kiddos (or yourself!) or the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

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Kodomo Boston

Kodomo Boston carries “out-of-the-ordinary clothes made by out-of-the-ordinary brands.” That means they have hand-picked their inventory to represent a variety of unique styles that have been selected for their playfulness and made by designers who are known for their ethics and business practices. It’s slow fashion at its best, selling quality pieces made by brands that prioritize expertise and eco-friendly practices rather than the fast fashion you find at most big box stores.

The word “kodomo” means “child” in Japanese. While most of their products are for children, they also have a variety of stylish clothing and accessories for fashionable moms! The clothes have soft fabrics that move and play; a showcase of products that kids and grown-ups will love because they look amazing, feel great, and allow kids to just be themselves! Their bright and trendy stores are fun to explore and full of surprises, as well as treats and clothes you never knew your kids needed!

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Mockingbird Baby and Kids

Mockingbird Baby and Kids is a charming store in Boston’s historic Charlestown neighborhood. Since 2014, they’ve been a go-to source for families in Charlestown and beyond to find conscientious and ethically produced products that are cute, trendy, and safe for your little ones! 

Today, they focus on carrying products emphasizing earth-conscious and USA-made products, women-founded businesses, minority-founded businesses, and businesses that prioritize giving back. Their online store even lets you shop by these important categories to specifically support brands with causes close to your heart. 

Don’t expect a lot of frills when it comes to packaging, either. They’ve taken an approach where everything is 100% recyclable and perhaps even reused to increase the lifecycle of their cardboard boxes. When you shop at Mockingbird, you’re not just accessing hundreds of responsibly made products that are cute, fun, and practical — you’re also supporting a company with a passion for making the world a better place for our children and future generations.

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The Red Wagon

The Red Wagon has been a Boston staple for over 25 years, providing customers with an ever-changing selection of products (including their popular roll-neck sweaters for kids, adorned with various fun graphic images and patterns like pumpkins, lobsters, and more). 

They carry classic and modern goods for babies and kids. Additionally, they’re experts in putting together thoughtful and unique gift combinations if you’re looking for the perfect present! 

Their store is full of sweet clothing that is stylish and comfortable for kiddos with particular tastes. Additionally, they carry books that will keep them excitedly turning pages. Plus lines of products designed to represent your favorite states and regions of the country. 

There are plenty of unique discoveries and treasures to find at The Red Wagon! So while their online store is a convenient way to shop, definitely drop into their store sometime, too!

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Boston Baby Stores

Be sure to make a point to check out these Boston baby stores the next time your kids need a wardrobe update or if you’re looking for a fun and well-made gift. It’s definitely worth shopping small and supporting our local Boston businesses. But even better knowing that these stores carry unique products from trustworthy brands made to last. 

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