5 Boston Lactation Consultant Options for Breastfeeding Support

Young mother sits on a wooden chair in a dining room surrounded by bottles and breastfeeding gear. She holds her newborn son and nuzzles the top of his head, smiling. Father sits next to her and smiles while gazing at her face.

Breastfeeding can be a beautiful journey between you and your baby. Breastmilk can provide your baby with just the right nutrients and help to defend against infections and many other positive health benefits. It also can be very overwhelming. I recommend finding a lactation consultant during your pregnancy so you have an additional person to support you when your newborn arrives. All of these Boston lactation consultants are highly trained and hold the International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) certification. 

5 Boston Lactation Consultant Agencies Dedicated to Meeting Your Breastfeeding Goals

Boston Lactation

Heather Bingham has over twenty years of experience supporting women in their breastfeeding journeys. She provides home visits within a limited area of Boston and Telehealth services in the greater Boston area. Some insurance will cover initial or follow-up consultations; be sure to inquire with your insurance for specific information. You can schedule appointments directly on the website and have the option for in-your-own-home or telehealth services. 

Black and white image taken through a living room window: closeup of mother smiling at her baby, with reflections of tree leaves framing their faces

New mom with son, through the windows | AM Family Photography

Greater Boston Lactation Consulting

Andrea Jorgensen-Perry has 15 years of experience supporting women through breastfeeding. Her services occur in the comfort of your home in the greater Boston area. She offers prenatal and education consultations in your home if you are considering breastfeeding and looking for information. This includes 2-3 hours of breastfeeding information, discussing your concerns, how to prepare for your baby, and many more resources. Your insurance may cover lactation consultations, but check with them directly. 

Newborn baby breastfeeds as mother strokes his head. We just see the back of his body and her arms holding him.

Breastfeeding mother | AM Family Photography

The Boston Area Lactation Connection

Kira Kim provides office visits in Malden with lots of parking, just off a bus line or near the Orange Line station, for a convenient commute. Kira does offer limited at-home services, but most of her appointments are in the office. She also offers email and virtual appointments; these are restricted to certain questions or concerns. Visit her website to book an appointment via email.

Closeup of black-haired newborn baby in a long-sleeved blue onesie, being held by his mother

Mother holds her new baby | AM Family Photography

Boston Baby Nurse

This team of lactation providers supports your breastfeeding needs through in-home, virtual, or phone services. Their team will design a customized session to support you with your breastfeeding goals and concerns. Use their online form to request an appointment with one of their providers. Boston Baby Nurse also offers Newborn Care and Nanny Services to support your family’s needs. 

Black and white image of a baby just after being born in the hospital. He clings to his mother's bare chest as she smiles.

Calvin is born | AM Family Photography

Sharla Lloyd Halperin

Sharla Lloyd Halperin provides clients with in-home visits and virtual appointments to meet their unique needs. Prenatal education classes, lactation consultation, and staff training are a few of the services Sharla offers. Direct appointment booking is available on her website with clear pricing and insurance accepted. 

Boston Lactation Consultant

Finding the right Boston lactation consultant to support you with breastfeeding will add a person to your team when your newborn arrives. 

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